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Ring in Valentine's Day at Largo (Los Angeles) with us!

Ring in Valentine's Day at Largo (Los Angeles) with us!

“Watch out for sharks and real smooth talkers  ...Keep away from Johnnie Walker ...And I know you’ll make it in this town”

 Ladies, gentlemen, button pushing cowboys & wide-eyed dreamers, here is my new single release, a small hand-drawn double A-side valentine to the bright lights of Music City.

Now You Know Nashville/Half A Man” is what some generations may call ‘old fashioned country’, I call it authentic. And when you add Carmen’s experience-etched voice to tales of dreaming big and the wonderment, woes, and characters of Music Row…you have all you need to create your own cinematic imagery. (Global Texan Chronicles)

OUT 10 MAY 2019




'sultry vintage soul and cosmic country sounds ...Carmen is simultaneously reflective and a storyteller... gorgeous twangy pedal steel, sensual vocals, haunting guitar and harmonies, and a drumbeat that conveys a quiet loneliness.' Glide Magazine 

'divine… a real charmer… soaked in experience, in the kind of poetry that only comes from a life lived'  Clash Music

‘It’s hard for a song to strip one down to the bone, but that’s the power of music and the magic of Lo Carmen’ Atwood Magazine 

‘one of the most distinctive Americana albums of the year…achingly atmospheric …  you can’t fail to be swept off your feet’  Highway Queens

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